General Business Support

Diary, email and meeting management; Travel bookings, itineraries and plans; Typing, transcription and document preparation; general business support administration including keeping the business up-to-date with all legislation and business statutory requirements; dealing with client liaison and customer enquiries.

Social Media Marketing

Setting up and maintaining your social media marketing accounts including content, scheduling posts, graphics production. Marketing Plans and Reports and other marketing activities including preparation of newsletter, marketing and advertising materials, etc. 

Policies, Processes & Procedures

Reviewing the systems, processes and software that your business currently uses and providing advice in respect of the best way forward and alternative options to ensure the smooth running and increased automation of your business processes.  Setting up CRM systems, membership sites, project management software programs, etc. 

Personal, Family and Social Life Admin & Assistance

Assistance with running your home and life including managing household bills, maintenance, holidays, breaks and days out.  Booking tables, tickets and event.  Managing the family social calendar, keeping track of special occasions and sourcing appropriate gifts, etc. 

Event Planning, Organisation & Management

We have organised various events from large conferences and seminars, private parties and weddings, charity dinners, social events and children's birthday parties. We can organise everything from the invitations, venue sourcing, entertainment, caterers to the cleaning crew.


Efficient & Personable

I have worked with Kelly for a few years now and am pleased with the service... always efficient, hard-working, personable and willing to take on a challenge. 


Fantastic... super-efficient and has made a big difference helping me... It has been a very positive experience which I would certainly recommend to others. 

The Best...

Compliments on your transcriptions...your 4 transcriptions were the best she's seen yet - they were perfect for readability, grammar, layout, sentence structure, etc.

Superb Work

Accurate, fast and wonderfully presented.  I will certainly use The Admin Studio again.


A fast, accurate job - Perfect. Great and looks good too.  Many thanks.

A Star!

 You've been a star... I don't know what I would have done without you.  Your prolific input is much appreciated....